Monochromatic Cocktail

    Venue - Computer History Museum

    We provided all the furniture and produced a contemporary monochromatic event for the Computer History Museum for some of Silicon Valley's top CEO's. We had to create an event that worked for day at night, since hors d'oeuvres were served in the space before dinner and then after dinner it would become a cocktail lounge with music.

    Sticking to a black and silver palette we accented it with a blue pop of light at night to give it a completely different lounge atmosphere. We had the space completely tented with a clear tent so the guests were able to see the trees and stars at night. We also had the silver carpet installed to give it more of a plush contemporary vibe.  

    Furniture Used
    Gio Sofa Black, Jiorno Chair Black, DNA Cocktail Table, HEF Sofa, ME X Tables, Argento Coffee Table, DNA High Bar Table, Gio Bar, Gio Table

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